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Bringing your taxesinto line

We love tax! The field of tax is exciting and diversified and can be structured – even diversifiably structured. Optimum tax solutions require expertise, creativity, depth of experience and an interdisciplinary change in perspective as well as a desire to pare things down to the minimum – less is more.

What’s important is the final result.

Albert Einstein already knew this. “This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher. The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax.”   We know how taxes can be optimized when various disciplines profit from one another. When philosophers and mathematicians, tax experts, economists, lawyers and other experts come together to create individual concepts and solutions.

More successful together: our clients profit from the diversity of perspectives afforded by our Winsulting® service philosophy. While we bring your tax matters into line, we hold true to our motto, “What’s important is the final result.”

From left to right, standing: Carsten Klingebiel ° Peter W. Plagens ° Jens Bruns ° Michael Bautz ° Julia Chappuzeau ° Franz-Josef Kirse
From left to right, sitting: Ulrich Gehrke ° Denise Staak ° Martin Lütge

“The best angle for looking at your tax matters is 360°.”

Tax advisory

Within the framework of our Winsulting® service philosophy our tax experts – and our clients – can leverage their professional competence and profit from the networked holistic and interdisciplinary approach to assess the overall situation of your company.

In this way we are able to make a detailed assessment of your accounting function and reduce your tax burden. As a result of our synergetic analyses, we present you with viable options and alternatives for dealing with tax officials and banks and thus make a significant contribution to your business situation.

Financial accounting

Only when your finances are in order can you shape your future. Our financial accounting ensures transparency by providing you with all the relevant financial indicators of your organization to allow you to undertake the right measures in good time.

To this end we offer you various services, staggered in line with your individual requirements and wishes. We make use of all the technical possibilities afforded by digitized accounting and electronic banking to ensure rapid and seamless processing.

With us you can exploit the benefits of digitization. You can transfer your source documents to us electronically. Naturally, we guarantee a high level of data security. Thanks to digitizing the financial accounting, we can ensure that the information base is uniform and up-to-date. A secure electronic archive reduces the volume of queries to a minimum. In addition, you save the need to sort and mail paper documents. Another advantage: optimization of your customer and supplier management! The use of the data for dunning procedures and payments avoids the need to enter the same data twice. We will provide you with up-to-date digital analyses of your company and can naturally perform your dunning procedures and propose payments.

Financial accounting à la Gehrke Econ – what we deliver:

Setting up or converting your financial accounting
When setting up or converting your financial accounting we take account of all the individual circumstances of your company. We identify the processes of your company as a foundation for making business decisions.

Day-to-day financial accounting (DATEV system)
Bookkeeping is more than a matter of collecting source documents, mapping them to accounts and correctly entering them. In addition to our standard services, we offer a comprehensive suite of special services. In the process, we consider all the requirements of modern financial accounting.

External provision of financial accounting (on site).
We take care of your financial accounting, applying our extensive regional and industry expertise and independent of the respective data processing system, to review the compliance of the financial accounting.

Payroll accounting

We understand that punctual, complete and accurate settlement of your wages and salaries is indispensible. This extends to transferring the payroll data to your financial accounting and closing your expense accounts at year-end. Last but not least, payroll accounting is a challenging field on account of labor law and social security legislation. We support you in this regard, not only by providing the lastest professional information and meeting deadlines. Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach we can guarantee that you receive competent advisory services and solutions related to labor law and social security legislation. We advise you on how to generate higher net wages for your employees from their gross receipts. The high degree of digitization allows us to optimize processes during field audits by the authorities: a complete documentary record and detailed planning in advance culminate in less on-site presence by the auditors and fewer questions. We have got your back, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

Payroll accounting à la Gehrke Econ – what we deliver:

Setting up and converting your payroll accounting
Drawing up wage category plans (e.g. tariffs, construction industry wages), document management,  entry vouchers for the financial accounting system (DATEV or other data-processing system), day-to-day payroll accounting including administrative work and special work at year end (e.g. DEÜV entries) and other HR-related services, such as individual statistics for HR reports, analyses of personnel expenses or industry reports.

Digital personnel files
These allow an uncomplicated and secure exchange of digital documents, such as doctors’ certificates. A structured filing system facilitates immediate access to files and ensures that the information base is uniform. It reduces printing and archiving costs as well as the number of subsequent queries on both sides while simultaneously ensuring compliance with the GDPR and archiving duties.

Reimbursing travel expenses
Organisation, execution and/or checking of the reimbursement of travel expenses as well as drawing up guidelines on out-of-pocket expenses.

Optimizing net wage payments
Assisting clients at selecting the appropriate instruments including reviews in terms of labor law or social security legislation. Assisting in their implementation and presenting plans to employees.

Specialists in labor costs
By exploiting the available interfaces, we obtain the greatest possible benefit for you from data records that only need to be entered once. For example, you can transfer the data from your time sheets directly to us.  We ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit and will support you by showing which interface functionality is possible. As a result, your reporting can be drawn up in optimal fashion and professionally.

Compiling the financial statements

Compiling financial statements is not only mandatory, it also serves to promote the image projected by the company. From Gehrke Econ you will receive a standard version applicable to the respective legal form of your organization as well as any additional financial statements in keeping with your needs and ideas. As business presentations, financial statements are equally suited for use as marketing instruments or in negotiations with potential creditors.

Financial statements à la Gehrke Econ – what we deliver:

Financial statements
For sole traders, partnerships (including limited partnerships) and stock corporations, taking account of the requirements of the German Commercial Code and presenting the legal and tax background as well as the general disclosures on the financial statements, the balance sheet, the income statement and, if applicable, the notes to the financial statements. If desired, we can run plausibility checks and make disclosures on the financial circumstances of the company.

This extends to special framework financial reporting and supplementary balance sheets as required. Likewise, we can draw up the versions for the commercial register published in the Federal Gazette and the electronic reporting format required by the applicable fiscal authorities (“E-Bilanz”). Naturally, we can also provide you, and your bank if requested, with a digital version of your financial statements.

Creating business reports and management reports
Presentation of the course of business, results of operations and the situation of the company for SMEs and large stock corporations.

Additional notes and explanations
To round off the financial statements. These create more transparency by providing analyses of the balance sheet and break-downs of the line items in the balance sheet and income statement.

Statements of net assets, overindebtedness and financial status
A comparison of assets and liabilities on a certain cut-off date serves to present the actual situation of the company’s net assets. The financial status compares the available cash and cash equivalents to short-term liabilities. It is used to make a snapshot of any cash surplus or cash deficit.

Balance sheets
Balance sheets are a necessity, particularly in the case of a change in legal form. They include

  • opening balance sheets when companies are founded by contribution in kind and a report is needed
  • spin-offs (splits and spin-offs, outsourcing) and financial reporting is required
  • reorganizations and financial reporting is required
  • restructuring balance sheets and other uses
  • summary of net assets in insolvencies (e.g. liquidity planning)
  • liquidation balance sheets

Compiling consolidated financial statements
as a source of information for shareholders, creditors and investors.

Tax returns for the operation

With our detailed knowledge of tax legislation, broad experience and the latest software we relieve you of the task of meeting your tax reporting obligations while simultaneously making the best use of the available options and tax structures. If desired, all data exchange can be performed electronically. We draw up the required tax returns for your company and within the framework of company transmissions and communicate changes in the legal framework to you on a regular basis. Our experts support you on the international stage or with special tax issues, such as single entry accounting for municipalities.


Advising you on the possible tax structures for your business

Tax structures for businesses
We will support you at finding the optimal structure for your business assets that is in tune with your personal ideas and your commercial and legal situation. Our advisory services are proactive and tailored to your individual needs. You will be well-equipped for any changes in the legal environment.

Tax structures à la Gehrke Econ – what we deliver:

  • Selection of legal form and change in legal form from a tax perspective
  • Optimizing tax structures during corporate acquisitions and divestments
  • Optimizing tax for pension plans and employee participation models
  • Financial advice, e.g. during planned investments and optimizing tax structures
  • Succession arrangements
  • Restructuring
  • Business valuations
  • Earnings projections for tax purposes
  • Expert reports and statements

Providing assistance during tax field audits and other special audits

As interdisciplinary experts we meet official inspectors eye-to-eye. Thanks to our decades of experience in accompanying tax audits we are able to clarify the legal position at an early state, work out suitable strategies for maintaining assets and wealth and optimize the results. We will provide you with full support during both private and company tax audits as well as during audits by social security institutions.

If needed, we will accompany you when it comes to protecting your rights – lodging appeals up to the level of the Federal Finance Court – with support from our colleagues in our law firm, who have the necessary experience with court hearings.


Your Contacts

Michael Bautz,
Michael Bautz
° Tax advisor ° Managing Director
  • Apprenticeship as a tax clerk
  • 1997 appointed as a certified tax advisor
  • Since 2013 Managing Director of Gehrke Econ Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Compiliation of financial statements for stock corporations and partnerships and special purpose frameworks
  • Drawing up the associated tax returns
  • Providing assistance during tax audits
Jens Bruns,
Jens Bruns
° Diplom-Kaufmann (FH) ° Tax advisor ° Manager ° Partner
  • Apprenticeship as a tax clerk, university studies majoring in tax, auditing and banking
  • 2004 Appointed as a certified tax advisor
  • Since 2014 Managing Partner
  • Lecturer in “MBA, Management of SMEs” for masters students at the University of Hanover
  • Private and business tax returns
  • Succession issues and transfers of private wealth
  • Advising not-for-profit organizations"
Julia Chappuzeau,
Julia Chappuzeau
° Tax advisor ° Managing Director ° Partner
  • Apprenticeship as a tax clerk, certified financial accountant
  • 2001 appointed as a certified tax advisor, additional training as a moderator
  • Since 2002 Managing Partner
  • Member of the Audit Committee of the Chamber of Tax Advisors (StBK) Lower Saxony
  • Assisting company formations and restructuring
  • Advising on tax structures (private and business)
  • Accounting pursuant to commercial law and tax law
  • Providing assistance during tax audits
Ulrich Gehrke,
Ulrich Gehrke
° Diplom-Kaufmann ° Auditor ° Tax advisor ° Managing Director ° Partner
  • Studies with a focus on tax and auditing, thereafter employed at KPMG and EY
  • Since 1992 Managing Partner
  • Advisory board of Hannoversche Volksbank and HANNOVER Finanz
  • Lecturer in “MBA, Management of SMEs” for masters students at the University of Hanover
  • Advising on tax structures
  • Advising on anticipated succession issues
  • Private asset management
Olaf Goldmann,
Olaf Goldmann
° Diplom-Kaufmann ° Auditor ° Tax advisor ° Managing Director ° Partner
  • Studies at the University of Göttingen
  • Employed at PwC and other large advisory firms
  • Since 2014 Managing Partner
  • Auditing and advising SMEs and groups of companies
  • Auditing separate and consolidated financial statements (HGB and IFRS)
  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence
Dr. Dennis J. Hartmann,
Dr. Dennis J. Hartmann
° Diplom-Kaufmann ° Auditor ° Tax advisor ° Managing Director ° Partner
  • Studies of commerce at the Universities of Hanover and Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Diploma)
  • 2011 appointed as a certified tax advisor, 2013 as a public auditor
  • Employed at Hannover Rück, Linklaters and PwC
  • Since 2018 Managing Partner
  • Business rescue and restructuring
  • Mergers & acquisitions / due diligence
  • International tax law
  • Advising on tax structures
  • Auditing financial statements"
Franz-Josef Kirse,
Franz-Josef Kirse
° Dipl.-Ing. agr. ° Tax advisor ° Managing Director ° Partner
  • Managing Partner of Gehrke Econ Celle Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH with locations in Celle and Hermannsburg
  • Business succession
  • Selection of legal form
  • Tax structures (private and business)
  • Gift tax, estate tax
  • Agricultural and forestry sector
Carsten Klingebiel,
Carsten Klingebiel
° Diplom-Ökonom ° Tax advisor ° Managing Director ° Partner
  • Apprenticeship as a tax clerk, followed by business studies in Hanover
  • 1997 appointed as a certified tax advisor
  • Employed at KPMG
  • Since 2000 Managing Partner
  • Advising medium-sized firms of tradesmen
  • Corporate tax and planning
  • Structuring business successions
  • Digitising accounting processes
  • Cost management
Martin Lütge,
Martin Lütge
° Tax advisor ° Managing Director ° Partner
  • Managing shareholder of Gehrke Econ Lehrte Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH with locations in Lehrte and Peine
  • Financial statements, tax returns for businesses
  • Drawing up tax returns for private persons
  • Advising on welfare facilities (PBV)
  • Business formations and business consulting
  • Assisting during tax field audits
Peter W. Plagens,
Peter W. Plagens
° Auditor ° Tax advisor ° specialist for business rescues and restructuring (DStV e. V.) ° Managing Director
  • 1984 appointed as a certified tax advisor
  • 1990 appointed as a certified public auditor
  • From 1988 to 2014 Managing Partner
  • Since 2015 Managing Director
  • Internal accounting processes and accounting for special purpose frameworks
  • Restructuring and business rescue
  • Strategic advisory with a focus on the automotive, real estate and textile sectors
  • Providing assistance during tax audits, tax appeals and official orders
  • Tax structures (interdisciplinary)"
Denise Staak,
Denise Staak
° Dipl.- Juristin ° Tax advisor ° Managing Director ° Partner
  • Apprenticeship in higher public administration, followed by studies at the University of Hanover
  • 2005 appointed as a certified tax advisor, employed at Ernst & Young
  • Since 2001 at Gehrke Econ, Managing Partner since 2014
  • Advising on tax structures
  • Real estate tax law
  • Corporate and tax restructurings
  • Tax due diligence / Tax compliance
  • Compiling financial statements pursuant to commercial law and tax law

The reinforcements

Stefan <br/>Ammon,
° Steuerfachangestellter
Shahin <br/>Azari,
° Bachelor of Science ° Steuerassistent
Lisa-Maria <br/>Bach,
° Auszubildende zur Steuerfachangestellten
Marcel <br/>Baron,
° Auszubildender zum Steuerfachangestellten
Rita <br/>Bautz,
° Bilanzbuchhalterin
° Auszubildende zur Steuerfachangestellten
° assistant tax consultant
Michael<br/>de Beer,
de Beer
° Diplom-Kaufmann (FH) ° Steuerberater ° Prokurist
  • Apprenticeship as a tax clerk, followed by studies in tax and accounting in Hanover and Lüneburg
  • Employed at Leichsenring & Buchs GbR
  • Since 2006 at Gehrke Econ
  • Compiling financial statements pursuant to commercial law and tax law
  • Drawing up business tax returns
  • Assisting during tax field audits
  • Advising small and medium-sized firms of tradesmen on tax and business issues
  • Digitising accounting processes
Antje <br/>Behrens,
° Steuerfachangestellte
Christine <br/>Beinsen,
° Rechtsanwalts- und Notariatsfachangestellte ° Teamassistentin
Heike <br/>Bening,
° Steuerfachangestellte
° Dualer Student Steuerrecht
° Diplom-Kauffrau ° Tax advisor
  • Studies majoring in accounting, tax and auditing, and business IT at the University of Osnabrück
  • Since 2000 employed at Gehrke Econ
  • 2002 appointed as a certified tax advisor
  • Drawing up financial statements of stock corporations and partnerships
  • Compiling special framework financial statements
  • Drawing up private and business tax returns
° tax consultant
° Diplom-Kauffrau ° Tax advisor
  • Studies majoring in finance at the Remote Learning University of Hagen
  • Since 1999 employed at Gehrke Econ
  • Compiling the financial statements for organizations of all types of legal form
  • Tax returns for organizations of all types of legal form
  • Advising on tax structures
° Tax advisor
  • Apprenticeship in industrial business followed by additional qualifications as an accountant and tax representative
  • 1974 appointed as a certified tax advisor
  • Co-founder of the Gehrke-Grethe-Voges tax advisory firm in 1972
  • Currently works for Gehrke Econ on a freelance basis
  • Tax and business advisory for small and medium-sized firms of tradesmen
  • Assisting with pending tax audits by the tax authorities
  • Private asset management for self-employed members of family-owned firms of tradesmen
° Tax advisor
  • Apprenticeship as a tax clerk, qualified as a financial accountant followed by appointment as a certified tax advisor in 2009 - all at Gehrke Econ
  • Financial statements, tax returns
  • Advising on tax structures
  • Advising service providers and freelancers
Prof. Dr. Jörg-Rafael<br/>Heim, LL.M. ,
Prof. Dr. Jörg-Rafael
Heim, LL.M.
° LL.M. ° Diplom- Finanzwirt (FH) ° Lawyer ° Authorized signatory
  • Professor at the University of Weserbergland with a focus on accounting, controlling, corporate taxation, the energy sector (calculation of grid fees)
  • Tax advisory services for the public sector (regional authorities / municipal operations, publicly-owned waste management and recycling enterprises, welfare carriers and their associations)
  • Assisting corporate reorganizations and providing assistance during tax audits
° assistant tax consultant
° Bachelor of Laws ° Tax advisor
  • Studies in tax and commercial law followed by work as a tax auditor for the fiscal authorities of Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony
  • 2016 appointed as a certified tax advisor, employed at a medium sized consultancy
  • Since 2017 at Gehrke Econ
  • Tax structures for business restructuring
  • Providing assistance during tax audits
  • Procedural tax law
° Tax advisor
  • Apprenticeship in wholesale and export business
  • Studies in commerce majoring in “accounting and management” in Osnabrück
  • Employed at PKF FasseltSchlage in Braunschweig
  • 2018 appointed as a tax advisor
  • Since 2018 at Gehrke Econ
  • Advising on tax structures
  • International tax law
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax advisory services for entities qualifying as legal persons
  • Conducting due diligence reviews
° Tax advisor ° Authorized signatory
  • Apprenticeship as a tax clerk followed by training to become a financial accountant
  • 2009 appointed as a certified tax advisor
  • Since 2001 at Gehrke Econ
  • Advising small and medium-sized firms of tradesmen
  • Advising on tax structures
  • Compiling financial statements pursuant to commercial law and tax law
  • Providing assistance during tax field audits
  • Legal defense under tax law and enforcement strategies
° Tax advisor ° Lawyer
  • Apprenticeship as a tax clerk followed by studies in law majoring in tax legislation
  • Internship at the tax office, criminal investigations
  • 2011 appointed as a certified tax advisor, employed at BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft in Hanover
  • Since 2014 at Gehrke Econ
  • Restructuring / Corporate reorganizations
  • Business succession, private asset transfers, gift tax and estate tax law
  • Tax advisory services for not-for-profit organizations and entities qualifying as legal persons
  • Interdisciplinary advisory services on business structures
° Tax advisor ° Authorized signatory
  • Apprenticeship as a tax clerk, followed by training to become a qualified tax specialist in Frankfurt am Main
  • 2006 appointed as a certified tax advisor, followed by employment at a medium-sized consultancy
  • Since 2014 team leader at Gehrke Econ
  • Compilation of financial statements for organizations of all kinds of legal form
  • Tax returns and tax advisory
  • VAT law
° Apprentice tax assistant
° Graduate in banking (FS) ° Certified Financial Planner (CFP ®) ° Certified Estate Planner (CEP)
  • Apprenticeship in banking, dual-track studies to graduate in banking and bank business, followed by training to qualify as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Certified Estate Planner (CEP)
  • Employed at Hanoversche Volksbank eG
  • Since 2012 at Gehrke Econ
  • Private financial planning
  • Asset and business succession planning
  • Asset management
  • Financial advisory for private customers